Profit and loss and cash flow forecast

Profit and loss and cash flow forecast with cash flow forecast template -

Easy to use template software for preparing small business profit and cash flow forecasts.

1. Need to prepare speedy, professional profit and loss and cash flow forecast reports?

Easy to use cash flow Excel template forecasting software. Have professional cash flow forecasts and profit forecast reports in no time at all. Plus a Cash Flow Statement forecast too.

2. Time saved from preparing time-consuming Excel Spreadsheets.
Avoid the complex entries and formulas needed to prepare cash flow forecasts?

The headache of the double entry, preparing a balance sheet that balances and all the other time-consuming calculations are does for you.

Our cash flow software is an Excel Template, but without the need of an in-depth understanding of Excel to use it. Enter your numbers on easy to follow and use templates; and the reports get produced automatically.

3. Worried about VAT or Sales Tax entries?

There’s no need to worry about your VAT or Sales tax entries, as our cash flow forecast template includes this feature.

Cash flow forecasting software with all the complicated VAT or Sales Tax entries calculated for you.

This means that the complications associated with what amounts to include on the cash flow forecast vs what to include on the profit and loss forecast no longer exist.

You enter your numbers on easy to use templates, and the cash flow forecasting software does the calculations for you. The correct amounts either gross or net of VAT or sales tax are included correctly on all the relevant reports for you.

4. Are you trying to figure out how to account for capital expenditure in your small business forecasts?

This is made simply and quick. Easily enter the details and all the entries are done for you. This includes automatically calculated depreciation.

Most cash flow forecasts include capital expenditure, in fact many times this is the reason for preparing cash flow forecasts in the first place. All the many entries required for capital expenditure are done for from the simple template entries that you make.

5. How about how to enter loans or hire purchase contracts?

Entries relating to bank loans or hire purchase are made quick and easy.

6. Do you need to run “worst case” or ” best case” scenarios with your projected numbers?

With Cash Forecaster’s Sensitivity Analysis Tool, this process is made quick and easy.

7. Worried about professional reports for the bank. Need reports for 12, 24, 36 or more months?

Produce professional reports in no-time. Cash flow projections for up to 7 years, including a profit and loss report, a cash flow report and balance sheets.

8. Feature not included?

We are committed to customer satisfaction. A feature you require that’s not listed we will update Cash Forecaster completely free of charge (Of course only if it’s possible to do…plus we feel the new feature will benefit other customers too)
This is a win-win for all concerned.

If you have any questions on profit and loss and cash flow forecasts, please ask these in the comments below. These will be answered free of charge. Thank you for watching this video brough to you by