How to increase restaurant sales

How to increase restaurant sales -
This video is about how to increase restaurant sales.

In the example the sales increase is 187%. The profit increase is 417%

The question how to increase restaurant sales is turned on its head. As sales are an outcome, as are profits.

Discover more empowering questions to ask. Discover the inputs that affect your restaurant sales and profits.

Inputs that affect restaurant sales and profits include:

- The average customer spend or average transaction value of your restaurant business. Knowing your average customer spend and focusing on ways to increase this key sales and profit metric, will have a massive impact on your restaurant’s profitability.
- The number of times customers return to your establishment. Working on ways to entice your customers back more often, through better engagement and by providing an outstanding experience, will have a dramatic effect on sales and profits.
- Your audience reach or number of visitors to your website. Tweaks to your marketing campaign and audience reach will increase the visibility of your restaurant. Optimising your website to increase website traffic will provide a better opportunity for more customer.
- The conversion rates of these visitors to prospects and then the conversion of prospects to customers. Focusing on your conversions rates will provide you with data as to how well you are performing right now. Looking for ways to increase these percentages will increase the number of customers to your restaurant.
- The percentage of customers that never return to your restaurant. Or your customer defection rate. Most businesses don’t track the number of customers that never return. This metric can provide you with some important information about your business. Improving the percentage of defecting customers will have profound impact on the number of customers you serve, that return, and that refer new customers to you.
- The number of existing customers you have is your starting point. Discover what your existing customers like about your restaurant. Plus find out what they don’t like. Focus on this feedback to improve your business to provide a service that customers are looking for.

One you understand the impact the above numbers and percentages can have on your business. But also the power of leveraging by combining these numbers and percentages together. You will transform your restaurant business.

At the same time you will need to also focus on the food you serve and keep this to a high standard. Having great food with the right marketing and targeted focus, you will increase your restaurant sales.

Of the ways to increase sales, this is one of the most successful methods. By breaking the outcome down to how it’s made up of inputs, you’ll be able to focus on each one.

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