How to Claim Flight Cancellation Compensation

How to Claim Flight Cancellation Compensation in the UK and your flight cancellation rights -

Flight cancellation compensation in the UK can be made for flights in the last 6 years. However under EU regulation 261/2004 the reason for the cancellation must be the fault of the airline.

If your flight was cancelled and the notice you received for the cancellation was 14 days or less, then you may have a flight cancellation compensation claim for you and your party. For details about your flight cancellation rights, please read further.

For flight cancellation compensation claims in the UK you need to satisfy the following main rules:

- The airline notified you of the cancellation less within 14 days or less of the departure date of the flight.
- The flight was in the last 6 years.
- Flight cancellation compensation EU claims can be made for all flights that depart from any UK airport on ANY airline. This means EU operated and international carriers. International carriers like United Airlines, American Airline, Qantas, Air India, Etihad Airways, Air Canada and so on.
- Flight delay claims that arrive to any UK airport can only be made on any EU operated airline. These include Easyjet, Ryanair, British Airways (BA), Thomson, Lufthansa, Air France-KLM, Jet2, Flybe, Thomas Cook, Virgin Atlantic and so on.
- The delay must be the fault of the airline. This includes technical faults on the aircraft, crew sickness or lateness. The fault of the airline do not include bad weather (except in certain circumstances where the bad weather affected the inbound flight, which cause your flight to be cancelled), volcanic eruptions, strikes or political unrest.
- The amount you can claim then depends on the amount of notice you were given for the cancellation prior to your departure date (i.e. it must be 14 days or less).
- The amount of your flight cancellation compensation claim is also affected by the distance travelled and the amount of delay you suffer with the replacement flight. Which can be anything up to €600 (or £530*) per person. So if you had two people in your party, that would mean you can claim up to €1,200 (£1,060*) in total.

To find out more about how you can claim for EU flight cancellation compensation please follow the link below. The claim requires a flight cancellation compensation letter to be written to the airline with supporting evidence for the flight cancellation. To find the airline’s address, this is best found on their respective website.

Also, if you want to make this claim yourself and would like a free flight cancellation compensation letter template, together with a flight cancellation compensation flowchart, you’ll find this free download at the same website too.

For your free flight cancellation compensation letter template and free flight cancellation claims flowchart -

There is also a free letter template and free flow chart for flight delay compensation too. So if you’ve suffered a delayed flight and want to make a delayed flight claim, please follow the same link.

* The amount in UK Sterling will depend on the exchange rate at the time between UK Pounds and Euros.

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